Bureau Valley North

Welcome to Bureau Valley North!

BVN is located in Walnut, IL and houses Pre-K through 8th grade students. The mission of BVN is to guide students to become independent thinkers, cooperative learners, and responsible citizens in a safe and caring environment. Our dedicated faculty and staff provide countless learning opportunities for every student while instilling the value of life-long learning. We believe parental involvement is crucial to a child’s success in school. Working together, we can provide each student with the necessary skills to achieve in all aspects of their lives.

Our school wide theme this year is “Reach for the Stars!” Having a unified theme gives us the opportunity to build school spirit, morale, and camaraderie among students and staff!

We want to encourage students to take educated risks and set high goals!  When students "Reach for the Stars", their potential is limitless.  As educators, it is our job to push the limit.  We strive for excellence on a daily basis, but also teach our students how to learn from failure.  Failure is something we all experience on a daily basis so it is important to teach our students how to recover and persevere through adversity both academically and socially!


Jason Spang, BVN Administrator

323 S Main St

Walnut IL  61376


Fax: 815-379-9285


Please click on this link to view the Veterans Day tribute created by Bureau Valley North: