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Academics at Bureau Valley High School:

Bureau Valley High School in Manlius, IL is the home to 360 high school students. Bureau Valley High School uses the 8 block format.  Besides the basic core classes of Math, History, Science, Physical Education and English, we offer students classes in Agriculture, Business, Art, Music, Industrial Arts, Family/Consumer Science, and Spanish.  We offer AP classes in English and Calculus.

Students may also attend the Whiteside Area Career Center in Sterling to learn about health related careers, welding and culinary skills, to name a few.  Students may also attend the Educators of Beauty to study cosmetology.  Through local community colleges, our students may take dual credit courses or dual enrollment courses.

Extra learning opportunities exist with several academic class programs that we offer.  Botany and Horticulture students grow flowers and vegetable plants in the greenhouse each winter.  In May, the greenhouse is open and sells plants to the community.  Students in our Family/Consumer Science department do embroidery for customers in the community as part of the Creative Design program.  They embroider and design logos for clothing, bags, and aprons for customers.  These are just a few examples of innovative ways of teaching.

Bureau Valley High School is very proud of the excellent education and safe environment our teachers and staff provide for the diverse student population in our building and strive to maintain positive communication with the families we serve.




Click here for a link to High School Counselor Week.  This website has a weekly listing of current articles related to high school students from publications across the nation. Topics vary from high school courses, to test preparation, college admissions and more.

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