Bureau Valley South


Welcome to Bureau Valley South!


Bureau Valley South offers a fully certified teaching staff, well-trained support staff, and a fully certified administrator.  These dedicated professionals fulfill a real commitment to the students.  Careful planning, preparation, and instructional practices are focused toward providing the best possible education for the students.

The climate in the building is purposefully geared to the needs of the students who attend the school. Great care is taken to provide a climate that is safe, developmentally appropriate, and academically challenging. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to visit their child’s school and classroom at least once during the school year.  A parent’s/guardian’s presence at school is one of the most effective ways of letting the child know that he/she is important and that his/her education is a top priority.  Visiting, even if only briefly, also helps to build a positive and mutually supportive relationship with the child’s teacher(s); this can be of tremendous benefit to the child, the parent/guardian, and the school.  For the safety of all, any person entering the building during the school day is to stop in the office before proceeding to a classroom or other areas of the building.

The handbook has been prepared as a source of information to assist the parents, guardians, and students of Bureau Valley South with regard to rules and regulations mandated by Illinois State Statute as well as Board of Education and building policies and procedures. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the building principal.  The school also sends out newsletters on the first and third Fridays of the month that you may find helpful in keeping up to date with classroom activities, school events, schedules, and any changes in rules, procedures, or regulations.

The administration, faculty, and staff of Bureau Valley South extend a warm greeting and express the hope that every school year will be a positive experience for both you and your child.


Mrs. Kristal LeRette, Principal

220 Stewart St. Box 277
Buda, IL 61314
Office: 309-895-2037

Fax: 309-895-2200

Mission: We promise to our students and communities to provide a positive learning environment which promotes both academic and social success.

Please note:  New Contact Information for the Bureau Valley South Junior High office in Manlius!  To all parents of Bureau Valley South 6th – 8th grade students:  To reach the BVS JH Office at the high school, please call 815-445-2028.  This line will ring directly to Mrs. Hasbrook.  There is also new mailing address for the BVS JH office:  PO Box 326, Manlius IL  61338.


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