The Board of Education has established regular monthly meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise posted. Meetings begin at7:00 p.m. and are typically held in the central office meeting room at 9068 2125 North Ave, Manlius, IL 61338. Special meetings will be scheduled and announced when necessary. All meeting agendas are posted at least 48 hours in advance at the Superintendent's Office, as well as here at www.bv340.org. Any changes in meeting dates, times or locations will be posted on the website. 

Also provided in the table below are upcoming meetings of the Board of Education, as well as agendas and minutes.Links will become active once the upcoming agenda has been posted, and always at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting and in compliance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act. Please contact Interim Superintendent Mr. Eric Lawson or Board Secretary Karen Sierens at (815) 445-3101for more information.

For those interested, here is the Open Meetings Act FAQs for the General Public, as well as the Open Meetings Act FAQs for Local Public Bodies. The two documents are provided by the Office of the Illinois Attorney General and further explain the Open Meetings Act. Individuals with disabilities who plan to attend any meeting of the Board of Education and require certain accommodations in order to attend and/or participate, or who have questions regarding the accessibility of the meeting or the facilities, are requested to contact Interim Superintendent Mr. Eric Lawson at (815) 445-3101 for assistance.

2016-17 Meeting Schedule


Regular, Special and Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes

                    MEETING AGENDAS


May 24, 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  May 24, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes
June 28, 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda
 June 28, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes
July 15, 2016 Building Committee Meeting Agenda  July 15, 2016 Building Committee Minutes
July 26, 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  July 26, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes
August 9, 2016 Emergency Meeting Agenda  August 9, 2016 Emergency Meeting Minutes
August 23, 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  August 23, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes
September 27, 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  September 27, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes
October 17, 2016 Special Meeting Agenda  October 17, 2016 Special Meeting Minutes
October 25, 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  October 25, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes
November 9, 2016 Special Meeting Agenda  November 9, 2016 Special Meeting Minutes
November 22, 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  November 22, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes
December 20, 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  December 20, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2017 Special Meeting Agenda  January 9, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes
January 11, 2017 Reconvened Special Meeting Agenda  January 11, 2017 Reconvened Special Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2017 Special Meeting Agenda  January 17, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes
January 24, 2017 Regular Meeting Agenda  January 24, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2017 Special Meeting Agenda  January 28, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes
February 11, 2017 Special Meeting Agenda  February 11, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes
February 21, 2017 Regular Meeting Agenda  February 21, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2017 Regular Meeting Agenda  
March 23, 2017 Special Meeting Voters Forum Agenda  
April 25, 2017 Special Reorganization Meeting Agenda  
April 25, 2017 Regular Meeting Agenda  







Upcoming Events